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I have asked my friends what company they use for cleaning, and two of them said D-Tailed cleaning. I decided to try D-Tailed out and I am glad I did! I was happy to see my house as clean as nearly new, cleaning crew had done everything that I requested. My kitchen and bathrooms sparkled and felt fresh, floor had no water streaks, and I was impressed with great service quality. I will continue using D-Tailed, and would advise to anyone to give them a try, I am sure you would love it too!


“The service that I received was remarkable from D-Tailed cleaning, they were excellent! Now I know what I have been missing out for those 2 years, and the cost is almost the same. I have been using D-Tailed cleaning Specialists now for over 4 months, and I am very happy with the company and the quality of service they provide for me and my family!”


“This cleaning company is the best in the business. The cleaners are so friendly and hardworking it’s amazing. They made my bathroom so clean, it looks like it did when I first moved in. They even pulled out the fridge and cleaned behind the wall. They detailed out the stove and wiped down all the cabinets. They put everything else back in place and were all smiles from start to finish. I can’t wait for D-Tailed to come back to my apartment and clean it again.”


“Once again a great job by the team. Awesome to come home to a clean house. Have a great Christmas & all the best in 2015! See the team in the New Year! I’m pretty sure they will continue with you as Lynne phoned me right away & said it was the best money she ever spent! Very impressed. Thanks again.”


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